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On the occasion of the Hungarian Presidency of the Visegrad Group in parallel with Hungary’s HEInnnovate activities, the Ministry of Human Capacities and Tempus Public Foundation in collaboration with AmCham Hungary organizes an international professional networking conference.

Date: Thursday 10 May 2018.
Venue: Larus Congress Centre, Budapest, Hungary

Objectives of the conference


The conference calls upon professionals from higher education, representatives from municipalities and local governments, business and industrial partnerscivil actors in order to identify challenges, to discuss potential cooperation opportunities and to find solutions based on common interests.


The conference builds upon the recommendations of the OECD/EC HEInnovate joint report “Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Education in Hungary”, on the policy action plan for 3rd mission of universities compiled by the Ministry of Human Capacities and also on the proposals and suggestions of the Hungarian HEInnovate professional platform formed with participation of HEI, business and professional representatives.


There is a growing expectation for universities to (pro)actively contribute to the social and economic development of their closer and wider region. This requires that their structures, teaching, research and knowledge management activities have the purpose to meet societal requirements, economic and environmental challenges.

“Third mission” of higher education institutions supposes that the interests of all stakeholders should be taken into consideration. It means that universities collaborate not only with the business and industrial sector, but also with municipalities and local governments, professional organisations and civil society in a view of environment, cultural aspects and sustainability.

All these challenges require critical and entrepreneurial mindset, crea(c)tivity, and innovative attitude from the part of all actors of the scene. A favourable ecosystem is alsi inevitable for encouragement of these new forms of collaborations, knowledge exchange, technology transfers, support for entrepreneurship, innovation and proper management of intellectual and industrial property rights.

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