Erasmus+ Role Models

Participants. Leaders. International project implementers. Role models. Erasmus+ faces. Who are they, what are their stories? The Erasmus+ Role Models initiative seeks to present people from various fields whose stories may inspire others when making decisions and finding their own paths. The campaign lays emphasis on social inclusion, helping those around us, as well as on communicating the general values of the EU.

Józsefné Egri teacher, Association for the Students and Youths of Kállósemjén

"Erasmus+ means new challenges, professional development and an infinite source of opportunities. It's a resource which helps us get into the European circulation. I also got involved in projects which don't belong closely to the subjects I teach, but they meant a great challenge and experience for me.

We have a number of projects in the fields of intellectual sports, youth and public educational strategic partnerships, but this year, we are also involved in placement and digital competence development. Due to all that, we have developed courses which are also currently running, and they present new development opportunities for our colleagues.

Currently, we are working at full force on the concept of two youth exchange programmes, as well as on establishing a consortium with vocational schools to join the circulation of apprenticeships, too.

If we are flexible and creative enough, we can try ourselves in various fields within the programme. Erasmus+ offers a number of opportunities for a partnership, and we can address a wide range of target audiences: the students of various types of institutions, teachers, kindergarten teachers, NGO's, adults. We should keep one thing in mind: we must let the target group be heard already during the preparation of the project, as it's their ideas that will make the partnership such which they'll be gladly involved in."

Utolsó módosítás: 2020.05.20.