World Access to Higher Education Day: Inclusive Mobility


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The workshop will be organised in the framework of the Annual Conference of Coordinators for International Affairs of Hungarian Higher Education Institutions, the largest event in the field of higher education in the country with over 250 participants.

The event organised by the experts of the Tempus Public Foundation, Hungary’s education agency will aim to raise awareness of the obstacles hindering students’ mobility during their studies. Also, the event is seeking to empower coordinators with effective tools and identify good practices which can provide them with a deeper understanding of the challenges students with special needs (meant in the broadest sense possible) may face at any stage of the mobility.

The invited guest of the event will be Gertrúd Pécsi, who despite her special needs participated in both student and staff mobilities in the past and is currently working as an equity coordinator at the host institution, Széchenyi István University. Her presentation will be followed by a group exercise where participants will receive real-life case studies and will be asked to come up with possible solutions, which then will be jointly discussed and evaluated.

Last modified: 20-11-2019