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Tempus Public Foundation has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with four partner institutions. The partnership agreements with the Fulbright Committee, the National Youth Council, the National Conference of Student Governments, and the National Association of Doctoral Students were signed at a ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of the foundation of Tempus Public Foundation.

The strategic agreements which reinforce previous joint activities and lay the foundations for further long-term cooperation, will allow for an even stronger focus on the promotion of international scholarship programs and future cooperation between organizations active in the field of education and training.

At the ceremony, Károly Czibere, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Tempus Public Foundation, said that building professional partnerships to support applicants is an essential part of the organization's objectives and activities. This kind of embeddedness ensures that they can reach and involve a very wide range of people in the international scholarship programs managed by Tempus Public Foundation.

Since 1996, Tempus Public Foundation has supported nearly 19,000 projects, enabling more than 260,000 people to gain international experience, using about HUF 193 billion of funding.

Hungarian - American Fulbright Commission

Both organizations promote the internationalization of education, their activities and target groups -in terms of higher education staff and students – are almost identical, and the grant programs managed by them are similar. Cooperation between the Fulbright Commission and Tempus Public Foundation can facilitate the exchange of professional experience, the most effective implementation of scholarship programs and the more efficient use of the available frameworks.

Dr. Károly Jókay, Executive Director of the Fulbright Commission, said that currently 4,500 American universities welcome Hungarian researchers and students. The Strategic Partnership Agreement is expected to increase the quality of professional support for applicants, as well as the visibility and popularity of the programs.

Károly Czibere and Dr. Károly Jókai

National Youth Council (NYC)

In the field of training of young professionals and in promoting mobility opportunities for young people, there are many common strands between the activities of the two organizations. They are jointly involved in the organization and implementation of the annual Parliamentary Youth Day; in projects to educate young people in democracy and to increase their social activism, and they both provide professional support for young people, young professionals and NGOs participating in the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programs.

Zoltán Hegedüs, President of NYC, said thatthe improvement of national and international youth work is the key priority for both organizations. He hopes that the existing cooperation can be further expanded in the future and that new useful and progressive activities can be implemented together with Tempus Public Foundation.

Károly Czibere and Zoltán Hegedüs

National Conference of Student Governments (NCSG)

Both organizations are committed to promoting international mobility programs and their activities have been closely intertwined in recent years. One excellent example is the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program, coordinated by Tempus Public Foundation, through which NCSG provides support to foreign students studying in Hungary through a mentoring network. In addition, the support of Hungarian students to gain international experience is also a priority for both organizations.

László Murai, President of NCSG, said that one of the most important elements of the professional cooperation is to provide students with firsthand information on the applications managed by Tempus Public Foundation, thus helping young people to get competitive knowledge through international experience.

Károly Czibere and László Murai

National Association of Doctoral Students (NADS)

Mobility and international cooperation affect postgraduate doctoral students and young researchers with PhD degrees as well as undergraduate and master's students. Cooperation between Tempus Public Foundation and the National Association of Doctoral Students is therefore particularly important to make more opportunities available to these target groups and to ensure the early involvement of young researchers, in addition to the exploitation of individual research pathways.

Dániel Molnár, President of NADS, saidthat they expect the cooperation to help them show the opportunities to as many doctoral students as possible, thus strengthening the international networking of universities and the Hungarian higher education.

Károly Czibere and Dániel Molnár

Tempus Public Foundation has been at the service of applicants for 25 years. Its main objective is to provide opportunities for an ever-wider range of target groups to gain experience abroad, and to support applicants with professional assistance, to help them join the international community.

The organization currently coordinates more than 10 national and international grant programs, carries out network support activities, participates in the implementation of various international projects and is also involved in raising awareness of EU policies.

Last modified: 08-11-2021