KA1 courses in Tenerife for Adult education, VET and School education

Are you searching for a host organization for your Erasmus+ KA1 mobility project? 
Few weeks left until the deadline for KA1 Mobility projects on May 11...

NEWS: VET organizations can now also ask for funding for KA1 Staff courses and training!

We are a consortium of non-profit organizations that offer KA1 courses in Tenerife for adult education organizations, NGOs, VET institutions and schools that are interested in these topics:
- active learning and experiential learning methodologies,
- sustainability, environmental issues, climate change etc.
- outdoor education
- interculturality,
- diversity and social inclusion,
- bullying
- drama and theater,
- creative teaching techniques,
- STEM and science,
- soft skills
- languages
- Stress management and mindfulness etc. 

What we offer:
• An authentic experience
• Passionate and experienced trainers 
• Active learning methodologies
• Personal development + hands on tools
• A cross-disciplinary approach
• Visits to inspiring projects and organizations
• Learning by doing. Learning by having fun!

For groups of minimum 6-8 participants, we also can organize tailor made courses.

You can fill in the course registration form here: https://tenerifecourses.com/course-registration/

More information on our website and our FAQ: https://tenerifecourses.com/faq/

Contact us at tenerifecourses@gmail.com.

INSTITUTION Tenerife Courses - Spain (EDUPLUS Association)
TYPE OF INSTITUTION Non-profit association
CONTACT NAME Tenerife Courses
CONTACT E-MAIL tenerifecourses@gmail.com
NAME OF THE PROGRAMME Erasmus+ / Learning mobility of individuals (KA1)
PROJECT TOPIC KA1 courses in Tenerife for Adult education, VET and School education