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What is the goal of foreign internship?

Although internship is not an integral part of the curriculum of all studies, it is what makes studies complete with tangible, practical knowledge. If we ensure and support this opportunity in foreign countries, too, it will not only help to meet the internship requirement, but will also mean foreign work experience which one can later benefit from. Students can benefit much more from foreign internship than from finding a domestic host organisation – from the point of view of professional experience as well as personality development, relationships and professional relations. At the same time, looking for a host organisation itself requires independence, self-confidence and strong commitment, which, for employers, is valuable information that can contribute to the success and competitiveness of their own businesses.

How does Campus Mundi differ from Erasmus+ internship?

The most important difference is the rate of the grant and the supplementary subsidy. Although Erasmus+ grants have now been raised, the funding awarded to successful applicants in Campus Mundi is still higher for successful applicants. Another significant difference is that with Campus Mundi scholarship you can as well travel outside Europe: there have been Campus Mundi students doing internship in Jordan, the USA and New Zealand, as well.

Who can apply for Campus Mundi internship?

Students engaged in BA, MA, one-tier and PhD studies can equally apply for a 2-5-month-long internship, designed to fill an intern position and a job in at least 30 hours a week.

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