The international youth campaign initiated by the European Council set the goal of fighting online hate speech, sensitising young people to human rights and encouraging their active citizenship.

In recent years, more and more Hungarian youth organisations have joined the activities of the movement, and with support from the Erasmus+ programme, a number of international youth partnerships addressing the issue have been implemented in Hungary as well as Europe-wide and contributed indirectly to the No Hate Speech campaign. 

One of the main goals of the movement was to develop the competences of professionals, teachers and youth leaders working with young people and to prepare them for the implementation of human rights sensitisation workshops, courses and projects which may have a multiplying effect. As the ultimate output of the projects, young people's self-moderation and self-initiated involvement in the protection of human rights and in restricting hate speech contents may also begin. 


An EVS Project Under the No Hate Speech Campaign

In 2014, Eszter Drienyovszki spent one year at the Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres association within the European Voluntary Service. Her sending organisation in Hungary was Artemisszió Foundation. The project she joined, called ‘No Hate Ninja’, was directly connected to the Portuguese activities of the No Hate Movement. Within the project, Eszter relied on her graphic design skills to make posters, animations and illustrations related to the messages and activities of the campaign. Her works can be seen Europe-wide by those who follow the various platforms of the movement. The organisation’s online and offline campaign is an excellent example of how online tools popular among youth – blog posts, YouTube videos, strong visual memes – can be used in a creative manner, generating a broad reach, to convey the message of tolerance in a struggle against online hate speech content.

The works prepared for the project can be seen here:

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