The Bologna Process in Hungary


2010 | Tanulmányok, kutatási eredmények, EHEA, Angol nyelvű kiadványok

The present study has been compiled by András Derényi,on behalf of the Tempus Public Foundation, in the frame of the Bologna Promoters Network programme, financed by the European Commission. Its aim is to provide a snapshot on the current situation of the Bologna Process in Hungary. As such, it is strongly linked to the snapshots, reports and evaluations prepared regularly (biannually) in the frame of the process.

 In the spring of 2008, in the middle of another two-year period – lacking the current data – it is difficult to provide more information on the current situation than the national data supplied in the annual National Report for the Bologna Process (NRH, 2007) or the Stocktaking report (Stocktaking, 2007), in the autumn of 2006. Highly significant, substantial changes regarding the data in these reports, related to the implementation of the Bologna objectives cannot be detected, even though the process has evolved in some subdivisions, with special regards to implementing and starting MSc programmes.

We wish to provide more detailed information than that included in the reports mentioned above insofar as we attempted to add the element of evaluation to each unit of the snapshot. Relying on the Hungarian interim conclusions of international survey as well as Hungarian surveys and opinions and the results of comparing these to the international situation, we do not only wish to demonstrate not only the current position of Hungarian higher education but also to provide an evaluation on the developments so far, the current situation and to identify major challenges.

The publication may be freely used with marking the source.

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