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Every year, thousands of foreign students attend various Hungarian higher education institutions, most of them as scholarship students, but more and more come to Hungary for self-funded studies, both from within and outside of Europe. Today, there is a considerable international community whose knowledge and experience gained in Hungary, as well as their links to Hungary, have mostly remained unexploited so far. Hungary’s first international alumni network seeks to provide this missing platform, to which the Alumni Hungary online portal will offer a virtual meeting point for active foreign students.

Through the portal, our members can get in touch with each other from any part of the world, and after a simple registration process, they can quickly and easily find each other using the website's advanced search function. Thus, the portal will be perfectly suitable for building interprofessional relationships, launching partnerships and joint projects, but, of course, the website will also offer opportunities for less formal dialogues and meetings. The members will be supported in establishing successful relationships by the following main functions:

  • they can establish groups, where they can initiate actual dialogues and discussions, and share their experiences and knowledge with each other through various forums
  • they can organise events for the alumni members in their own respective countries, thus facilitating the establishment of local alumni networks
  • they can share the issues they are interested in, as well as their professional successes, with the community through blog posts
  • they can improve their skills through online services

The portal is also open to Hungarian higher education institutions and other institutional and business partners, thus helping the establishment of scientific, economic and diplomatic relationships between Hungary and various foreign partners.

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Last modified: 22-01-2020