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As per the decision of the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MIT) of 25 June 2020, the travel bans lifted on 15 March 2020 are now released, so scholarship mobilities are open again.

Within the framework of the scholarship programmes that are coordinated by Tempus Public Foundation (TPF), scholarship mobility travels can be organised again if keeping the below measures.

With respect to all international mobility programmes supervised by MIT, up to the limit of its capacities and based on the information published by the domestic authorities and foreign partners, TPF informs its applicants and scholarship holders about entry conditions and special circumstances, in Hungary or abroad, which may affect the scholarship period and the implementation of cooperation projects. You may find information here:;;

Before concluding the scholarship agreement and starting the mobility, it is the scholarship holder’s responsibility to learn about Hungary’s all-time effective entry and pandemic regulations, the guidelines of the sending and the receiving institution, as well as to check the readiness of the receiving institution.

  • Scholarship holders already staying in Hungary:
    • go on with your study, teaching or research programmes following the actual Hungarian pandemic measures and the guidelines of the receiving institution.
  • Scholarship holders about to travel to Hungary:
    • citizens of the member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area may enter Hungary freely;
    • citizens of third countries may enter Hungary only after submitting an official request, if its aim is to fulfil a study or examination requirement based on a student status. The request is issued based on a certificate issued by the receiving institution. The request can be submitted exclusively by filling in and sending the form that can be found on the website of the Police*.
      A medical examination is required when entering Hungary:
      • those who are suspected with carrying COVID-19 may not enter Hungary,
      • those who are not suspected with carrying COVID-19 will be installed in a 14-day quarantine either designated by the epidemic authority or in an official home quarantine. Persons installed in a designated quarantine are registered by the epidemic authority. 

The force majeure procedure continues to be available for the participants of the mobility programmes. In case the all-time effective regulations of Hungary and the receiving institution do not make it possible for the scholarship holders to fulfil the scholarship requirements, then their early return to their home country is considered as a special event, and the costs that came up within the rules and framework of the given programme were not reimbursed by the service providers can be claimed from TPF within the framework of the force majeure procedure, based on invoices and certificates.

We would like to call the attention of the scholarship holders to that they should keep continuous contact with the representants of their sending and receiving institution, in order to fulfil their reporting obligation. Should a force majeure take place during the mobility, the scholarship holder has to report it immediately to both the sponsor of the scholarship and the sending institution.

According to paragraph 7 of law LVIII. of 2020, scholarships that have been started in and are granted for the academic year 2019/2020 from the central budget have to be implemented up to 15 December 2020.

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Last modified: 17-07-2020