Procedures regarding the rules of entering Hungary and special medical examination


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We would like to inform you about the latest procedures on the rules of entering Hungary and the special medical examinations for non-Hungarian students and higher education staff.

Latest information: Procedures regarding the rules of entering Hungary for Erasmus+, Ceepus and Bilateral State Scholarship holders – Students, teachers, staff members and researchers (9. September 2020) >>

Based on the current level of infection in other countries, the National Chief Medical Officer published a decision listing the countries and their administrative regions categorized as „yellow” and „red”. Depending on the categories, foreign students must go under medical examinations after entering Hungary.

The Hungarian higher education institutions shall issue a certificate to a foreign student for an entry to Hungary. The identification of the student on the basis of their non-personal data will be recorded in a central unified electronic interface set up for inspection by the National Police Headquarters.

The student must contact the higher education institution of which they are a student, and must arrive at the accommodation specified in the certificate within 24 hours after entering Hungary.

The lecturers, researchers and other staff members employed in higher education can enter the country with an invitation letter issued by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology as per the request of the relevant higher education institution.

Please, find here the document and its attachment with the detailed measures.

Last modified: 11-09-2020