Tempus Public Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary


TPF 25th anniversary | Higher education, School education, Adult education, Vocational education and training

Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) has been involved in the coordination of national and international grant programs, the development and implementation of training courses, and the provision of expert assistance to Hungarian education, training, and youth sector since 1996. The knowledge and experience accumulated during this time provides a solid basis for the TPF to continue its work with even greater vigor and ambition, but with the same goals.

To mark the anniversary, the Public Foundation’s staff will commemorate its achievement in several ways. For example, the Tempus logo will be renewed and will be used as an image element on all communication platforms and events from the autumn onwards, a fitting reminder of the 25 years at the service of the applicants.

The Tempus Public Foundation’s staff would like to celebrate together with their professional partners, experts, and applicants, as the achievements in recent years could only come true through cooperation.

For this reason, an anniversary guest book has been created on the www.tka.hu website, to recall the experiences and memories of the Public Foundation on its quarter-century anniversary. In this virtual memory book, TPF welcomes experiences gathered during working together, an outstanding project, a memorable event, a professional conference, or a training course. Send Tempus Public Foundation a personal entry!

In connection with the anniversary, the Public Foundation would also like to give a "gift" to a few selected institutions, whose work the Foundation appreciates and wishes to support.

For the next year, the Tempus Public Foundation will be a silver sponsor of Samu, a recently born elephant in the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden. A plaque commemorating the adoption will be unveiled by the Public Foundation’s staff at a ceremony in the Elephant House.

In addition, Tempus Public Foundation joins the Parents' House Foundation’s “Do good! Sit next to me!” program to support state-cared children. The Public Foundation’s staff can volunteer to support the activities of this foundation– and thus the children – as well as can participate in charity activities with the partner organization.

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Last modified: 08-11-2021