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Through the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes, the European Union provides many international opportunities for both schoolteachers and young people to gain new knowledge, develop their skills and expand their comfort zone. Let’s find out what are these remarkable initiatives!

If you are a teacher who is eager to learn new methods, exchange ideas with colleagues from other countries, or help students explore the world around them, this article is your primary resource.

What will you find here?

  • Opportunities for young people between the ages of 13 and 30
  • Opportunities for teachers
  • Further support to daily teaching

Opportunities for your students:


... provides 18-year-old young people with the opportunity to travel around Europe while gaining some valuable experiences. Travelling by train helps young people discover the diverse culture of the continent and raises awareness to important European values such as sustainability and inclusion.

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Youth exchanges...

... allow groups of young people (between the ages of 13 and 30) from different countries to meet, live together and work on shared projects based upon nonformal methods for short periods. The themes of youth exchanges could be, for example, career management, film editing or sustainable lifestyle.

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By studying...

... or doing their internship abroad with Erasmus+, university students can improve their communication, language, and intercultural skills as well as gain soft skills highly valued by future employers.

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... is an excellent opportunity to help where needed, learn new skills, spend time abroad, maybe learn a language – and definitely come back with unforgettable memories. With the wide range of issues covered by the projects (such as environment, health, inclusion, digital technologies, culture, sport), young people are sure to find something to match their interests and background.

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Solidarity Projects...

... are for those young people who want to make a positive change in their local community. The projects should be devoted to causes that are deemed impotant by initiators, but they can also help tackle regional or even national issues.

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The Time to Move campaign...

... is a collection of online and physical events, organised by the Eurodesk network all over Europe annually in the month of October. The goal is simple: connect with the youth of Europe and let them know about all the opportunities available for them to go abroad and experience learning mobility! This incentive is supported by creative international competitions.

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Opportunities for teachers:

Mobility for Pupils and Staff

This action supports schools and other institutions active in the field of school education that want to organise learning mobility activities for school pupils and staff. A wide range of activities are supported, including job shadowing and professional development courses for staff, individual and group mobility for pupils, invited experts, and other activities as explained below.

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Mobility for Learners and Staff in Vocational Education and Training

This action supports providers of vocational education and training (VET) and other organisations active in the field of VET that want to organise learning mobility activities for VET learners and staff. A wide range of activities are supported, including job shadowing and professional development courses for staff, traineeships and long-term placements (ErasmusPro), invited experts, and other activities as explained below.

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Further support to the daily teaching:

Repository of Knowledge for Teachers

The ‘Pedagógus Tudástár’ (Repository of Knowledge for Teachers) provides a collection of information, supporting materials, stories, inspiration, application and development opportunities that can contribute to the professional development of teachers, trainers and kindergarten teachers active in the school education and vocational training sectors.

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... services help buildcareer even at school. Europass offers a set of free online tools and information on lifelong learning and career development in Europe. Europass is a valuable resource for education and training providers, as well as for students and graduates. Europass offers a variety of information, in 31 languages, for students and learners to plan their learning, career and mobility.

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This autumn Tempus Public Foundation...

... awaits teachers and educators with a number of exciting programmes. At the events, participants can learn more about the Erasmus+ and ESC opportunities, exchange ideas and make new connections.

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Last modified: 27-09-2023