Vocational Edcational Training

UK Guardians are an enterprise dedicated to the international mobility and training. We advise anyone who need assistance in terms of studying abroad, internship in an enterprise, work, or study year abroad or long term study. We also provide the best accommodation that fits the applicant and all the activities he/she needs during the stay. We guarantee all applicants will experience a top rated time in the UK. We give the opportunity to make themselves known in a more open field and open doors to new opportunities.
Located in the UK, acting as a receiving organization in Lifelong Learning and Erasmus+ Projects and offering entire programme organization and arrangements, such as welcoming groups, transfer, accommodation, work-placements, cultural activities, monitoring, administration, evaluation etc.

We cooperate with many institutions for various work placements as well as those for the vocation of hotel, tourism, hospitality, catering, nursing, and many more. Students are placed to high-quality companies/hotels/institutions where they are involved in the real work and where trainees can try and practice their skills in real work conditions and situations.

The center provides the following services:

• organizing the reception of candidates upon arrival;
• organizing accommodation and meals for the candidates for the duration of the programme;
• organizing socio-cultural preparation (if required);
• organizing work-placements and planning the training itinerary of the beneficiary with the company mentor;
• implementing the follow up procedures;
• evaluating placements and collection of all qualitative/quantitative information necessary to produce a final report based on sending organizations’ procedures
• issuing final Certification and Europass;
• cooperation at all times with the sending organization;
• dissemination and transfer of results.

TYPE OF INSTITUTION Adult or continuing education provider
CONTACT NAME Helen Herridge
CONTACT E-MAIL helen@ukguardians.co.uk
NAME OF THE PROGRAMME Erasmus+ / Learning mobility of individuals (KA1)
PROJECT TOPIC Vocational Edcational Training