KA107 international Credit Mobility

The University of Sciences and Technology Mohamed Boudiaf (USTO-MB), is one of the largest universities in Algeria with seven (7) faculties, namely: Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Physics and Natural Sciences. Because sport and physical education matter to us, we have an institute dedicated to this various disciplines where graduate and postgraduate students are enrolled.

More than nine hundred (900) lecturers ensure the teaching of more than twenty six thousands (26 000) students of all levels (undergraduate, graduate and post graduate) with more than 500 foreign students from 22 countries.

USTO-MB offers a variety of programs to Bachelors with twenty four (24) specialties, to graduates with forty eight (48) specialties and forty four (44) programs offered to post graduate students besides of professional Bachelors and Masters.

There are 39 registered research laboratories in different areas at our university namely: Architecture and Urban Planning, Physics, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Processes and Environment, Signals and imaging, Naval Aerodynamics, Maritime Engineering, Electrical Networking, Telecommunication, Chemistry and Material Sciences, Renewable Energy (especially Solar Energy) and the Water Resources (source of concern of the country) – Nanotechnologies, Computer Security, Biotechnology, Genetics, Mathematics, Physics, computer sciences and Physical and Sport activities.

Despite of being a university dedicated to sciences and technology, USTO-MB promotes the teaching of foreign languages with full time teachers and a language center where foreign languages namely English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese are taught.

The International Relations Department has a long experience with International programs all over the world. We have been part of several European programs like Erasmus Mundus (Al Idrisi1, Al Idrisi 2 and Mare Nostrum), Tempus (“Signes” to implement a digital system of information for the Algerian Institutes for Higher Education) and more recently Erasmus+ program. We are also involved in international programs with Japan (SSB, JAICA), Germany (DAAD, PTB and GIZ) and others.

Actually, we are partnerships with six (6) countries mainly Spain with five (5) universities: Santiago De Compostela, Granada, Cartagena, Murcia and Cadix, Turkey, Latvia, Romania, France, Italy and Portugal with two (3) universities: UMINO and Coimbra, .

We are also partner in three (3) CBHE Erasmus projects with:

The University of Padova named “ICMED” (International Credit Mobility: A Challenge for the Med Region).

BLIND-SIDE, a KA102, meant to help students with special needs.

ESAGOV, another CBHE dealing with universities’ governance.

and a joint Master project degree with the University of Liège (ULiège), Belgium as coordinator “EMSHIP”.

We are willing to collaborate with you in Erasmus+ for International Credit Mobility KA107 (students, staff and academics) and KA2 Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE). Additionaly, we are interested in signing a Memorandum of Understanding with your University (MOU).

For further information, we invite you to visit our web site:


The objectives of the mobility project:

- Increase the mobility flow in the different area prensent at USTO-MB.
- Develop cooperation and partnership.
- Develop the centre of the technological facilities of USTO-MB, and increase the number of beneficiaries in terms of internships.
- Give the opportunity to students to perform their end of study practical internship work in a specialized structure.
- Development of curricula.
- Training of our Administrative staff.

internationalization strategy:

- Promotion and strengthening of academic and scientific cooperation.
- Promotion of scientific and administrative skills of the USTO-MB.
- Sharing and dissemination of our know-how and experience with respect to our scientific and technical skills.
- Develop cooperation with institutions involved in different partnerships in the future (research projects, exchange of students, mobility of individuals for learning and training purposes, etc.).
- Cultural exchange between the two countries.

INSTITUTION University of Sciences and Technology of Oran
TYPE OF INSTITUTION Higher education institution
CONTACT NAME Pr. Amine Bouziane Hammou
CONTACT E-MAIL amine.hammou@univ-usto.dz
NAME OF THE PROGRAMME Erasmus+ / Learning mobility of individuals (KA1)
PROJECT TOPIC KA107 international Credit Mobility