Our organization runs an NGO support program (we are so-called Regional NGO hub) in the zasavska region (there are four post-industrial cities). With our activities, we' ve been helping NGOs to run as efficiently as possible, to develop new programs and services, to empower their voice through advocacy activities, and generally we' ve been trying to engage NGOs in various community development activities. As Regional NGO hub, we promote civil dialog, active citizenship, advocacy, volunteering, social business development, social innovations, etc.

Website of the organisation: www.consulta.si

In the last year, we have been focusing on the strategic development of volunteering in our region and we see the Europe for Citizens program as a good opportunity to exchange practices, principles, and methodologies to enhance conditions for the development of volunteering across Europe - as an expression of active European citizenship of course.

With the project we will address the following issues and opportunities: volunteering in NGOs, youth and elderly volunteer programs, volunteering in crisis situations (COVID 19), successful volunteering campaigns and communication, engagement and motivation of volunteers, training of volunteers, promotion of values of volunteering, social impacts of voluntary programs, etc.

The main goal of the project is identification, validation and selction of the best practices and principles of voluntary programs/ acitivties from partner countries and build a unified manifest as a fundation or guidelines for implementation of modern volunteering support programs.

All activities and results will be presented as an PR articles and other promotional and dissemination content throught and after the project with well coorinated campain conducted by all of the partners.

Role of the partner organisation in the project:
Type 1: Event organizers, researchers, lecturers, promotors
Type 2: Participants in events and promotors.

If you are interested in participation in our project please fill out the form on the following link: https://forms.gle/mCC7rzCWrgNbFK1A9

INSTITUTION Društvo za razvoj in varovanje GEOSSa, Association for the development and protection of GEOSS
TYPE OF INSTITUTION Non-profit association
CONTACT NAME Kristijan Adamlje
CONTACT E-MAIL kristijan.adamlje@consulta.si
COUNTRY Slovenia
NAME OF THE PROGRAMME Europe for Citizens / Networks of towns
PROJECT TOPIC Volunteering