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Our Mission is to provide high quality education in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for life-long learning. We partner with bold experts in systems that support them to eliminate educational inequalities in schools. For Teachers Education Academy, our mission is to strive for excellence in teaching and learning; TEA collaborates with schools, training centers and relevant departments in 16 different European countries to provide evidence-based and inclusive learning and teaching practices, training programs and training for all education actors in the areas of school education, vocational education adult education and Learning English.
In addition, our company pioneers a network of educators / experts and Teachers.
Esteemed educators who will join our network will be placed in the teacher / educator network tab of our site. We advocate that every individual has the right to quality education, regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnic or social origin, religious or political preference, age or disability. Our Trainings for the professional development of teachers are delivered by leading national and international education experts with decades of experience.
After our successful work since 2017, we are reorganizing our hands-on courses to give new people the opportunity to join.
Apart from the activities organized in Estonia, our academy operates through specific activities conducted by various international educators collaborating training centers from more than 15 European countries. Our company, which is closely connected with the academic world, cooperates with many primary, secondary, high school and university-level institutions from Europe.
Our courses aim to help our trainees become a 'connected teacher', develop their pedagogical digital competence, learn about collaborative and active approaches to teaching and learning, and connect with other teachers from all over world to share ideas and create future professional learning networks. You will join a global classroom, as the courses will be open to educators not only from Europe but from all over the world.
You will experience the power of social learning and be inspired by an international network of teachers by sharing your ideas with colleagues and course educators at every step of the course.
These workshops provide rich learning experiences designed to meet the specific needs of educators in your school or local school groups.
The Academy offers dozens of different courses given by expert educators not only within the scope of the Erasmus Plus Program but also within the scope of different grant programs.
However, all teachers in the world can attend our course with their own budget.
The Academy offers the best professionals recognized for their expertise and experience.Our Trainings for the professional development of teachers are delivered by leading national and international education experts with decades of experience.

Our dynamic trainers will guide your staff in a high-task collaborative workshop with hands-on, engaging and relevant topics that will be immediately applied in the classroom.

Teachers Education Academy

For Erasmus Plus Projects
OID :E10280402
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INSTITUTION Teachers Education Academy
TYPE OF INSTITUTION Training organisation
NAME OF THE PROGRAMME Erasmus+ / Learning mobility of individuals (KA1)
PROJECT TOPIC Training Course Center