Learning mobility of individuals abroad, exchange of good practicies

KA1 Learning mobility of individuals abroad - as a hosting and receiving organisation, KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practicies - as a coordinator and partner organisation.

Arbor Talent Ltd offers services to organizations, institutions, companies and individuals who believe in the importance of lifelong learning and seek alternative resources and innovative solutions for continuous development. Our goal is to contribute to the development and competitiveness of our customers through our activities.
For the European Union it is very important to have highly trained professionals with practical knowledge. We want to support this through the coordination of Erasmus+ mobility projects for apprentices and VET students. In connection with this, we do the preparation, management and implementation of mobility projects. With this we help apprentices and sending schools to concentrate on acquiring knowledge. Our tasks inculde helping to find vocational training placements for outgoing and incoming students, providing accommodation and meals, organizing travel, and providing information and administrative support.

Our colleagues have a decade of experience in the implementation of Erasmus+ and other mobility projects, especially in the following areas:
   - youth
   - vocational education and training
   - adult learning
Our specialists have a unique and extensive expertise that guarantees the professional preparation, implementation, accounting and reporting. No difficulty for us preparing and implementing international Erasmus+ KA1 mobility projects or KA2 strategic partnership projects. We consult with our partners and customers on the international knowledge transfer, preparation and implementation of projects. We help submiting appropriate applications and implementing them properly. Our team can provide trainer, facilitator if it is needed. We ensure preparation, coordination or logistical tasks tailored to the needs of our client.
Are you looking for partners for your next Erasmus+ VET KA1 application? Would you like to realise your project in the charming city of Budapest and guarantee your participants the best internship abroad? Quality is our main concern, we are here to cooperate with you! Check out our webpage and services and drop us an e-mail.

INSTITUTION Arbor Talent Ltd
CONTACT NAME Mr. Gabor Kertesz
CONTACT E-MAIL info@arbortalent.hu
NAME OF THE PROGRAMME Erasmus+ / Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices (KA2)
PROJECT TOPIC Learning mobility of individuals abroad, exchange of good practicies