Circular economy transition, environment

The DirectE Association is a Pest County (HU) based NGO funded in July 2023 with the aim of developing circular economy adult education methodology and spreading it among private persons and corporate sector. The association also deals with research on environmental challenges and innovative non-formal learning approaches.
The president of the association registered corporate adult trainer with the Pest County Government Office since October 2020. She held trainings for multinational firms and as trainer of the Entrepreneurial Club of Pest County Chamber of Commerce and Industry for managers of small and medium-sized enterprises as well. She is a member of Regional Innovation Platform of Szent István University. She experienced in environmental law litigation on behalf of public administration and civil organizations as in-house counsel registered with the Hungarian Bar Association. This year she graduated as circular economy manager at University of Pannonia and as innovation manager at the Ludovica University of Public Service. As project manager she participated in implementation of Erasmus+ adult training programs on innovation management. Her program on circular economy transition is mentored by Seed Foundation.
In the association there are IT and bioengineering students, members experienced on small and medium-sized business sales and voluntary workers as well. Several age groups work together in the association because we consider young people’s role in civic participation important.

INSTITUTION DirectE Association
TYPE OF INSTITUTION Non-profit association
COUNTRY Magyarország
NAME OF THE PROGRAMME Erasmus+ / Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices (KA2)
PROJECT TOPIC Circular economy transition, environment