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European Challenges in the 21st Century - CEEPUS Summer University

The Department of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Pécs has a long-standing tradition of organising the CEEPUS summer university, and the number of students attending is growing year by year. Besides the members of the network, students from outside the region also joined the ten-day programme focusing on 'Central Europeanness'. Associate Professor Dr. habil. Andrea Schmidt, the Hungarian coordinator of the network told us about the details of the programme.


Teaching Bioethics - CEEPUS Summer School

As an active member of the Bioethics interdisciplinary network, the Theological College of Pécs had organised a summer school for the fourth time, receiving an increasing interest from its partners. Dr. Gusztáv Kovács, Rector, the local coordinator of the network summarised this year's experiences.


Budapest Cityscape in the 1960's - CEEPUS Summer University

The intensive programme organised by the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts is an excellent example that you can't only organise special courses in the summer, but also in autumn, and it's also exemplary of how such an event can be integrated into the curriculum. Dr. Allan Siegel, Professor at the Department and the Hungarian coordinator of the ADRIART.CE network told us about the programme.


History of Mathematics and Mathematics Education - University of Miskolc, Miskolc

Coordinated by the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, one of the most extensive CEEPUS networks has organised summer universities for years at various venues and related to various conferences. Associate Professor Dr. Péter Körtesi, the coordinator of the network and the organiser of this year's course, told us about the details of the programme.


The Challenges Facing the European Union - University of Pécs, Pécs

The summer university organised for the third time by the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies focused on, among others, the social and political impacts of migration, the BREXIT, multiculturalism and competitiveness. One of the organisers, Dr. Andrea Schmidt, Associate Professor with habilitation, sums up the lessons drawn.

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