STAIRS - Inclusive Education

The STAIRS (Stakeholders Together Adapting Ideas to Readjust Local Systems to Promote Inclusive Education) project focusses on the adaptation of good practices in the field of social inclusion across Europe and the adaptation process itself. Members of the partnership (7 partner institutions from 6 countries: Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia) have identified the necessity of improving communication and collaboration among professionals from diverse disciplinary areas as well as cooperation with peers from counterpart institutions. By connecting professionals – bringing actors and stakeholders together and engaging them in a cohesive, collective and collaborative action at local and national levels –, the intention of the project is also to develop and disseminate adaptation guidelines at the European level.

The STAIRS is an integral part of the activities of the Knowledge and Training Centre. After participating in and/or coordinating several other projects in this field, we decided to combine our so far acquired knowledge, and upscale and disseminate it - to make it much more accessible.

If you want to know more about our project, go to the STAIRS PROJECT WEBSITE.

Last modified: 15-06-2020