SALTO Education and Training TCA Resource Center

The Erasmus+ programme provides the possibility for National Agencies to jointly organise events for professionals engaged in all fields of education and training. Themes of the events are built on predefined priorities ensuring the quality improvement of Erasmus+ all over Europe. This kind of collaboration is called TCA, “Training and Cooperation Activity” that can be organised in the form of trainings, workshops, seminars, contact seminars or research. TCAs are intended to boost the impact of the Erasmus+ programme, as well as the education and training sectors.

Tempus Public Foundation was appointed by the European Commission through an open call among National Agencies to act as central supporting body for TCAs. The SALTO Education and Training TCA Resource Centre was set up in 2018 to provide assistance in TCA organisation and capacity building.

Further information on the Resource Centre and TCAs can be found on the SALTO Education and Training webpage at

Last modified: 12-10-2022