What is DiscoverEU?

As of 2022, DiscoverEU is an action of the Erasmus+ programme that gives young people the opportunity to travel across Europe while gaining some valuable experiences. Travelling within the programme is possible mainly on the rails of the European railway system, the InterRail (the only exceptions are the islands and remote areas which can be reached by alternative ways). The main goals of DiscoverEU are supporting young people in discovering the diverse culture of Europe as well as raising awareness to such European values as sustainability and inclusion.

Eligible applicants are the 18-year-old residents of the European Union or young people with the same age from third countries associated to the Erasmus+ Programme like Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey. Each applicant can apply in two application rounds – it can be done individually or as a group of maximum five people. Successful applicants are awarded with a travel pass accessible via the DiscoverEU mobile app. The programme offers thematic routes (for example, the Green Route) for travellers to follow in order to enhance their learning experience during their journeys.

DiscoverEU travellers are eligible for attending the DiscoverEU meet ups. Meet ups are organized all around Europe by Nationaly Agencies for Erasmus+ with the goal of creating true intercultural encounters. In Hungary, this role is taken by the Tempus Public Foundation.

To support selected participants even further, each traveller will receive a DiscoverEU discount card with discounts on cultural visits, learning activities, sports, local transportation, accommodation, food etc. The discount card will also be found in the mobile app.

The next application round is to be held in October 2022. For further information, please, check the European Youth Portal.

In case you are a Hungarian visitor on our website, please, find more information on our Hungarian DiscoverEU portal.

Last modified: 17-05-2022