Meet, connect, explore – Budapest is waiting for YOU!

Secure your place and join us for an unforgettable meet up in the heart of Europe, the city of Budapest! You have surely heard that Budapest is a vibrant, exciting and culturally breath-taking metropolis that everybody should see at least once.

Date: 4th of August, 9.00 AM - 18.00 PM
Place: 1077 Budapest, Kéthly Anna tér 1.

About the programme:

What would you say if you had your very own banknote with your face on it? Sounds cool, right?! Well…this is YOUR TIME to make it! During the morning of our meet up, we are going to visit a very special and highly interactive museum, the Hungarian Money Museum. There our guide will take us to a time-travel in the world of money, and we will explore how banks operated a couple centuries ago, and what they do to be green and sustainable these days. What’s more, you can try out how people traded in the past, how it is like to work at a stock market, or even what happens if you cause an economic catastrophe.    

During the afternoon, we are going to put interactivity even a higher level! You will need your hands to create a nice memory of Budapest. For now, let us keep it a secret what this memory object will be, but we can tell that we invited some experts to give you a fun workshop. We are 100% sure that this will make your DiscoverEU experience truly memorable!

So far does it sound good? Now the cherry on the cake! Hungarians are world-famous hosts, so it would be a shame for us to leave you with an empty stomach. Therefore, lunch and dinner is on us along with some joyful activities that will make you laugh.

So, do you want to join? Register for our meet up below!


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