Equity and Education

Country Notes of a Central-European Project

2009 | Tanulmányok, kutatási eredmények, Angol nyelvű kiadványok

The Tempus Public Foundation implemented a project in 2008 with the title: Equity in Education in Central Europe – a regional analysis with the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Education and the European Commission. The initiative was realised within the framework of an international cooperation the Central European Cooperation for Education (CECE) among ministries responsible for education in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The thematic focus of the project was the identification of the most relevant equity issues at regional level in the context of lifelong learning based on the results of the OECD comparative report “No More Failures – Ten steps to equity in education”. The participating countries were asked to nominate experts competent in national policy issues, development programmes and best-practice examples in educational equity issues. They met at 2 international workshops in order to finalize country notes on the national context of the subject. At the closing phase of the initiative a synthesis report was elaborated in order to sum up important outcomes and conclusions along with policy recommendations for relevant stakeholders as a result of the project.

The publication includes 4 country notes and the final synthesis report. It aims at promoting educational reforms in the region that seek to enhance equal opportunities in education for all besides supporting equity related educational development programmes undertaken in the participating countries.

The publication may be freely used with marking the source.

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