Creativity and Innovation in Lifelong Learning

2009 | Disszeminációs füzetek, Egész életen át tartó tanulás program 2007-2013, Angol nyelvű kiadványok

The EU declared 2009 the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. A major role of the EU’s thematic years is to formulate a clear message about the priorities of EU policies.

Sometimes it is not easy to bring the EU’s policy priorities close to people or to the everyday life of educational and training institutions. However, it is different with creativity and innovation. Throughout the year, we could see a number of creative and innovative projects at the events and in the publications related to the thematic year, initiated at a national as well as an EU level within the framework of Lifelong Learning programme and their predecessor programmes, Leonardo and Socrates.

The projects collected in this volume present a colourful bunch of illustrations of what the international cooperative projects have resulted so far in this field – from public education through VET to higher education, in cultural and art education, in technical and technological solutions, in educating young people with special needs, or even in teacher training. The publication – which is an essential part of the tools used by Tempus Public Foundation as the Hungarian coordinator of the thematic year – is supposed to ensure greater publicity to really creative ideas. We hope that the good examples will be brought to new life by other institutions and new partnerships, and not by copying, but recreating them.

The publication may be freely used with marking the source.

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