A collection of quality award-winning projects supported by the Erasmus+ and Lifelong Learning (LLP) programmes

2016 | Erasmus+, Egész életen át tartó tanulás program 2007-2013, Angol nyelvű kiadványok

Which are the coolest apps to be used in English classes? How can a 3D programme arouse the interest of would-be carpenters in traditional European architectural shapes? How can one working with SEN students benefit from movement therapy? Why is it worth treating students as partners during foreign traineeship?

Our publication presents the best projects of 2015, implemented through international partnerships in the field of public education, VET and adult education in Hungary.

What the interviews conducted with the coordinators of the award-winning projects are about? On the one hand, they are about new teaching methods, about teaching foreign languages or special subjects, and about virtual as well as real, physical development. And they are also about journeys and encounters. On the other hand, they are about professional and personal development, an exchange of experience in terms of culture and world-view, as well as the experience of mutual learning.

We hope that the examples shown in the publication will be inspiring for others, too.

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