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Guide to the introduction of Mobility windows for HEIs

We live in a time when internationalisation is a high priority for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). There are many aspects to internationalisation: how it is reflected in institutional strategies, in the development of teaching and research, in financial planning, in the organisational support provided to persons involved in internationalisation, in improving institutional marketing, and in various other fields. In addition to internal strategies and measures, evolving new laws and regulations also require a growing number of progressively higher national and international standards concerning internationalisation.


CroCoos - Prevent dropout!

Every Student Matters!

The publication contains the implementation results of a project titled “Crosssectoral cooperation focused solutions for preventing early school leaving” (CroCooS). It lasted from the spring of 2014 to the spring of 2017, and was co-funded by the European Commission. This was a three-year-long strong cooperation among three Eastern Central-European countries – Serbia, Slovenia, and Hungary – with the support of some Danish and Dutch colleagues.


User's Guide to Hungary

Welcome to our lovely country. Here you can study for one or two semesters or take a full-time degree with one of our scholarships. Whatever you choose, you can be sure you will fall in love with the Hungarian spirit. Whether you study medicine, economics, agriculture, art or something else, here in the centre of Europe you are in the right place to achieve your goals. Invest in your dreams in Hungary!